Week in the Life: Monday

Day one of Week in the Life is complete!
Those 7 photos probably aren't the only ones that will make it into the album (I took quite a few), but they provide a good over view of my day! I kept notes all day of what I did, broken down by hour, and I want to include that here, too!

7:50 AM-awake
8 AM-got dressed and ready, hung out in bed until 8:40
9 AM-got up to eat breakfast and surf the Internet; worked on WitL cover; ran to class 10 minutes later than usual; listened to Paramore; got to my 10:00 class at 9:56
10 AM-History class! Learned about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the most badass of presidents
11 AM-lunch with Ryan, during which we discussed the merits of Queen; heard Sweet Caroline on the cafeteria radio, which then got stuck in my head; walked to my English class
12 PM-English class! Discussed Macbeth; will be glad when this class is over
1 PM-still in English until 1:20; walked up to Italian to sit in the hallway until 2; couldn't do homework because I lost the paper with the exercise numbers on it, oops! Sweet Caroline is still stuck in my head
2 PM-Italian class! I doodled plans for WitL layouts in the margins of my notebook
3 PM-relaxed, read blogs, watched YouTube videos; thought I might try out this week's scrapbook challenge on Two Peas
4 PM-worked on and finished my WitL cover page; played with stamps and watermark ink
5 PM-thought I could wait until 6 to eat but caved and had some Goldfish; read a bit on my Kindle and watched YouTube videos; headed out at 5:50 to meet Nathan at Bruce for dinner
6 PM-ate dinner with Nathan and some other Honors kids; discussed music and homework and shirts
7 PM-got back to my room and resumed sitting at the computer doing nothing
8 PM-continued doing...nothing; called mom but was told she would call me back; thought about working on a layout;
9 PM-talked to mom on the phone about New York trip, kinda stressful; figured I should get some actual work done, so completed online Italian Lab
10 PM-started working on Italian homework (giving directions, which I can't do in English!); thought about changing my text message ring tone; completed Italian assignment
11 PM-started messing with my WitL stuff, just played around; realized I wasn't hungry for once; posted on TwoPeas

And then it hit midnight and I started keeping notes on Tuesday's page! I like this project so far.


P.S. Scroll down for a post about a fun crafty adventure I had and some cute washi tape storage!


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