Week in the Life: Plans

Most of the online scrapbook world has probably heard of Week in the Life, a project by Ali Edwards. It's a bit like Project Life, but typically people make a page or a two-page spread per day, instead of per week or per month, and it only lasts a week. It's meant to (obviously) capture a typical week in your life.

Well, I've decided to try to do it this year! Ali announces the date ahead of time so that anyone who wants to can play along. Projects like this are always more fun when a bunch of people do them at the same time!

I drew up my plans the other day:

And here's the written description I shared on the Week in the Life thread at Two Peas:
"I'm going with a half size binder (5.5x8.5). I need to pick up page protectors, but everything else is coming from my stash if I can help it. I'm doing a title page, and then each day will have a layout, one page with four journal cards and small photos on the front and back, and then a page with a what I did every hour...I think I'm going to use all Instagram photos, just for fun. 4x4 for the layouts and 2x2 for the journal cards."

I'm going to Staples tomorrow to get some page protectors. I have a little binder already. It's been used for a bunch of various things throughout the years I've had it, but it would be nice to turn it into a little mini album. I'll share photos when I get it all set up! My plan is to work on the album throughout the week, but I probably won't get my photos printed until the end, so I can do them all at once. I will be sharing photos of my days and of my progress in the album throughout the week, though! It'll run from Monday, April 23 through Sunday, April 29. Wish me luck!



Margie H said...

Looks like you have a plan! Nice idea and so organized! Good luck - can't wait to see how it turned out :)

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