Week in the Life: Thursday

1 AM-hung out in the study room with Jordan and Danielle; talked about personality types (as Jordan is wont to do), also foods that we like and don't like
2 AM-went back to my room; cleaned up my scrapbook stuff; turned on Futurama; went to bed
9:45 AM-woke up
9 AM-laid in bed and checked things (Twitter, Facebook, email, etc) on my phone
10 AM-got up and got on the computer for a few minutes; took a shower; got dressed
11 AM-read blogs; watched a Glitter Girl episode; caught up on WitL documentation to blog Wednesday; blogged; Cassidy came in and we made plans for lunch; finished getting ready
12 PM-went to the Union with Cassidy; ate Chic-Fil-A; talked about various things; decided to go to the library before our 2:00 classes; went to the ATM so Cassidy could get out money to print some things
1 PM-went to the library; sat and studied for my Italian quiz while Cassidy printed her papers; supply-lusted over the guillotine printer in the copy room (I want one!); walked to class with Cassidy and talked about what we want to do with our lives
2 PM-Italian class! Took a quiz (I think I did okay); walked home with Ryan
3 PM-hung around in bed and relaxed; fell asleep
4 PM-woke up briefly but then fell back asleep
5 PM-woke up for real; considered going to Scrap but realized it was too late; met Ryan and drove to Dollar General to pick up soda for the Italian party; drove to Susan's house
6 PM-hung out at Susan's house with other Italian students; played a game of bocce ball
7 PM through 9 PM-hung out with people from all the Italian classes; ate a bunch of really good Italian food and desserts; listened to a guy sing opera; said goodbye to Susan and Molly and drove home
10 PM-got ready for bed; hung around and relaxed; surfed the web
11 PM-settled down to sleep; watched South Park



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