Week in the Life: Tuesday

12 AM-finished one card for Monday's card layout; uploaded photos to the computer; edited and blogged Monday's photos
1 AM-finished blogging and whatnot; turned on Seinfeld; went to bed at 1:40
8 AM-woke up at 8:00 on the dot, an hour late because my alarm didn't go off; took a quick but relaxing shower; got dressed and ready to go; browsed the Internet
9 AM-packed up my backpack and went downstairs to meet Ryan at 9:10; got to class at 9:22 (Environmental Science lecture!)
10 AM-class ended early; went to the Union and browsed Cracked.com for awhile; got hungry and annoyed at the fact that I have class at 11 when I usually have lunch at 11; headed to class at 10:50; passed the turtle pond and thought about how I needed to take a photo of it for WitL
11 AM-sat down in class right on time; hoped the turtles would be out when I left so I could take a good photo; found out I won't have this class on Thursday (meaning my Thursday will start at 2 PM!)
12 PM-stayed in Philosophy until 12:20; walked to Bruce where I ate alone and read Soul of a Chef until Nathan joined me around 12:45; talked about random things, as usual
1 PM-walked with Nathan to Honors to get his Scholars Day poster; walked to class with him; discussed why we want to go to Free Press Summer Fest and why things that aren't free shouldn't have "free" in their name; got to class around 1:50
2 PM-Italian class! Ryan said we could go to Michaels later (yay!)
3 PM-got back to my room to relax until dinner; did some planning sketches for yesterday's WitL pages
4 PM-continued working on WitL pages for Monday; played with Photoshop
5 PM-left for dinner at Victory with Ryan and Austin; ate some good food there
6 PM-headed from Victory to Michaels, where I bought a Martha Stewart Scoring Board on sale/with a coupon for only $11! Went home and found out that I did not win the HoHA election (I ran for secretary); cried for a few minutes; started a YouTube video where I left off (a flip-through of a Disney PL album...do jealous!)
7 PM-played with my Scoring Board a little; watched some Project Life flips on YouTube; broke out my tablet to design some journal cards
8 PM-still on the computer (I don't do much in the evenings); work on my WitL a little; read an article on Yahoo about Barbra Streisand; made an envelope for practice
9 PM-looked for something on TV to watch and coincidentally found Funny Girl on at 9:15; decided to try scrapping my first 12x12 layout (a photo of a pretty sunset)
10 PM-kept working on the layout (this is hard!)
11 PM-kept watching Funny Girl (which is a great movie!); had a small snack; started getting ready for bed; found out that apparently it's Barbra's birthday, hence the marathon of her films on TCM (no complaints! I loved Funny Girl)

I love this project so far! It's been a lot of fun so far. Two days down!



Suzanne said...

What a beautiful sun picture!

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