Mother's Day Card

Yes, I know it's a little late, but I still wanted to share this card! I actually made it back in April, but I had to wait until I gave it to my mom, and then I was without my computer, so I've just now had the chance to get the photos edited and everything. But here you go! I took a bunch of photos as I made it, so I thought I would share the whole sequence. It's a pretty simple card!

Here's a little step-by-step to recreate it:

1. Pick out a sheet of patterned paper to use and choose a few coordinating sheets of cardstock.
2. Cut down one of the cardstock sheets to the size of your card and layer some of the patterned paper on top of it.
3. Die cut letters for your sentiment (or use letter stickers).
4. Use a border punch to make a background for your sentiment to sit on.
5. Adhere everything together and add any finishing touches! I added some pink crochet thread I had that happened to match.

Just by changing the sentiment and the patterned paper, you could easily make this card for any occasion!

Emily Mae


soapHOUSEmama said...

such a sweet card!

Gabrielle said...

Simple and easy card. I might need to make one myself :)
Gabrielle from Denton, TX

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