Guest Post: DIY Deco Tape with Natalie!

Hello everyone! My name is Natalie, and I'm the lady behind Awkward & Beautiful, where I blog daily about art journaling, inspiration, and other daily life things, like my cat. You know, the usual. I'm really excited that Emily gets to go on this awesome trip to NY, and I hope she has an amazing time! We're actually going to hang out tomorrow (But I guess we already have by the time this goes up!) before she leaves tomorrow, and we're probably going to scheme up lots of things. ;)

Anyways, I'm here today to teach you a little somethin-somethin about DIY deco tape made with security envelopes! Because I'm sure you have plenty of those lying around somewhere with your bills and such.

First off, you'll need these things for supplies. scissors * double sided-tape * security envelopes with plenty of patterns * and lots of water

Ok then! Now that you have your materials gathered up, start rolling out some tape from your dispenser and stick it on a strip of your security envelope paper. Cut around the tape so all you have left is the tape and the paper it's attached to. Burnish the paper into the tape with your finger, making sure the entire surface is covered in tape, smoothing out any wrinkles that might've turned up. Then I'd say, leave it for a while. And for a while, I mean a long time. I would forget it for a day, and it'd turn out fantastic, compared to leaving it for an hour and it not sticking very well.

After it's been sitting for a while looking pretty, it's time to go soak it in some water. Leave your strips of paper tape stuff in the sink or a tub of water for a while, like say, 30 minutes to an hour. Then start rubbing the paper away from the tape in the water as softly as possible. You don't want to scrape off the adhesive that's holding the ink. You'll see what I mean. So be very, very careful. And be sure to get all the paper off, so there's no leftover white paper.

Let the tape dry, either naturally, or you can pat it down with a cotton towel. And results can be varied sometimes, so if it doesn't turn out perfect, that's okay! I've noticed that this technique works best when you really take your time, and when you use envelopes that have black and white patterns, as seen above.

And there you have it! You have some pretty little deco tape just using stuff you had around the house!

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY, and have a lovely day!



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