Guest Post: DIY Photo Word Art with Katie!

Hi everyone, Katie here from Punk Projects!

While Emily is off on her trip to New York, I thought I would share a fun project I made using pictures from my own trip to NYC. This project was inspired by the large subway art I've seen on pinterest lately, like this one.

 1. Create your own word art or Download my NYC words here.

2. Print out your words onto cardstock.

3.Using a Craft Knife cut out the letters.

 4. Cut your photos into a rectangle that is just slightly larger than your letters, and adhere it to the backside of your paper. 

 5. Repeat with the rest of your letters and photos:

 This was a really fun project, I'm currently in the process of moving but when I get in my new apartment this will definitely be going up on my art wall!

You could do this using photos from any trip really. Just change the words to wherever you visited. 


Taylor said...

awesome tutorial!

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