Guest Post: Learn About Mini-albums with Kam!

While I got into scrapbooking as a traditional scrapper using 8.5x11 albums and eventually moving to 12x12, I have a bit of a confession…

…I’m obsessed with mini-albums!

And sometimes mini-albums aren’t so mini. I love Smashbooks, daybooks, art journals, altered books, you name it!

At first, I wasn’t sure why I would want an additional album to store when I have a perfectly good 12x12 album to house my memories. But then I got to thinking…I work only in 2-page layouts, and sometimes I have many more photos and ephemera than can fit on a 2-page spread. Why not try out a mini album?

So I did. I created a mini acrylic album for my grad school supervisor and became hooked. I created others for December Daily, and three rounds (and counting!) of 30 Days of Lists, and am currently working on my first Daybook for a recent trip to Colorado.

My favorite mini-album makers/users are Amy Tangerine, Elise Blaha, Ali Edwards, and my good friend Amy Schubert. You can find more inspiration through the Maya Road blog, 2 Peas in a Bucket gallery, and by simply searching on Pinterest. I love the layers, the colors, and how things generally repeat throughout the albums and books. I like that I have a much smaller canvas with which to work, and that there is a beginning and an end, sometimes traditional scrapbooking doesn’t feel like there is ever an end!

I’m currently working on another mini-album for 30 Days of Lists – September 2012 Edition, and will be sharing some behind the scenes photos on my blog, Campfire Chic soon.

Also on Campfire Chic, you can find blog posts with:

Want to jump on board and start your own mini-album but aren’t sure about a theme? 
I’ve got you covered. I recently published Three Sixty-Five: Ideas for Blog Posts, Scrapbook Layouts, and Art Journal Entries for a mere $5. Inside, you will find 365 ideas to get you started! That’s a lot of mini-albums ;)

Kam is the blogger behind Campfire Chic, where she shares about organization, social media, and the adventures she has in between. She is also a co-creator of 30 Days of Lists, the semi-annual list-centric online challenge. When Kam isn’t blogging, you can find her sprawled on the living room floor with her Project Life album, making plenty of lists, or sleeping under the stars. Jumpstart your creativity and renew your love for blogging/scrapbooking/art journaling with Three Sixty-Five: Ideas for Blog Posts, Scrapbook Layouts, and Art Journal Entries, Kam’s newest eresource, available online now.


katiebug92 said...

Mini Albums are the best!

Marisa AV said...

Great post! very inspiring. I love the idea and concept of mini books, but every time I make one, it just doesn't turn out cool and cute like I want it to.

amy t schubert said...

I need to go work on my Summer minibook!

Bonita Rose said...

I love mini books... been doing a lot of them lately!

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