It's July!

on the bridge from the Texas mainland to Galveston Island

Wait--what? It's JULY?!

Yeah, okay, my calendar says July 1st...I'm not sure I believe it, though. Where did June go? I didn't get nearly enough done in June, I can tell you that. Oh goodness.

But, well, it's definitely July now, and I guess I should accept it! A lot of fun things are going on in July for me! For starters, I'm going to New York! I'll be spending two whole weeks up in New England, visiting my boyfriend's family. We're planning on going to NYC, Boston, both Six Flags parks, and a slew of other places. I'm going to take my first ever ride on a real train. I'm going to see a Broadway show! I can't wait for this vacation. I've wanted to visit New York for as long as I can remember!

I'll also be spending a week in Denton, where I'm going to meet up with Natalie again for a fun day of exploring and photography.

Since I'll be away from home for so long, I'm trying to collect some guest posts! If you would like to guest post here during my vacation, please contact me via Twitter (@emilymayhem) or email (emdismukes at yahoo dot com). The deadline is July 11, so get in touch soon! I'm open to ideas, but anything involving paper-crafting, crafting in general, travel, or New York would be ideal!

I will still blog a few times while I'm away, but I think it will mostly be photos of what's going on during my vacation. But that is bound to be fun, anyway!

While you're here, please check out my sponsors in the sidebar to the right of the page! I have one new sponsor as well as some returning ones! Both Natalie of Awkward & Beautiful and Katie of Punk Projects have made some fun changes to their blogs recently, and Laura of Hooked Up On This just adopted an adorable puppy that is sure to make you say "awww"!

Here's to a month full of fun and adventure!



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