NaNoWriMo Questions: Days 3 and 4

Day 3 - Pick one of your female characters. Introduce your readers to her, from her point of view and her words only.

Readers, meet Stella.

Hello! My name is Stella Valentine and I'm eight! I'm an only child, but my parents both died when the zombies attacked a month or so ago. It's sad, but I'm with Noah now. He used to be my babysitter, and we used to live next to each other! Now we don't live anywhere. He takes care of me. We're going to New York! He says there are people who we can live with there, people who keep the zombies away. Fighting zombies is fun, though. I hope they'll let me help them. I like my frying pan.

Day 4 - What genre is your novel? Why did you pick it?

The official genre of my novel is "adventure". I chose that over the other possible options (horror or literary fiction) because, while elements of those are definitely in my story, "adventure" best describes the structure of it.



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