A Year of Peace: January

Like I said in my first post about my Year of Peace in 2013, I mentioned the categories that I've broken my word into (peace in my body and mind; peace in my home; peace in my finances; peace in my creativity; peace in my schoolwork; and peace in my relationships) and my plan to focus on three specific goals from my list each month. So, without further ado (since it's already almost midway through the month!) here are January's three goals:
  • learn to unplug (peace in my relationships)
  • create better daily hygiene habits (peace in my body and mind)
  • connect with people (again, peace in my relationships)
These are all things that I have already been working on since the first, even though I didn't share them until today. I'll be back at the end of the month with a post about how I did to fulfill and document these goals!



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