What I've been up to...

Reading. Lots and lots of reading. I'm enrolled in three English classes this semester: American Literature (1870-present), Advanced Creative Writing (fiction) and Shakespeare. It's only the second week of classes but I'm already in the process of reading a novel and a play, as well as several short stories. I'm also working on a second creative writing piece, and doing the homework for my Italian class on a daily basis. And I'm still making time to hang out with my friends and my boyfriend and working in a little creative time as often as I can...

So basically, I've been busy getting into the swing of things again. New semesters are always exciting, but daunting at the same time! But don't worry about me; I'm really happy to be in the classes I'm in and I think this is going to be a great semester. And I won't be neglecting my blog much longer!

Here are some things you can expect from me soon:
  • art journal pages
  • photos from my trip to Disney World and my Disney mini-album
  • projects with the gel printing plate I got for Christmas
  • a Christmas mini
  • Valentine's-themed projects
  • and perhaps a recipe or two!
So please don't give up on my humble little blog just yet! See you back here soon!



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