A Year of Peace: February Results

Since it's the last day of February, I thought I would share a bit about what I accomplished this month in the name of peace. I've pretty much decided not to try to make this project into any physical product (like a journal or mini-album), but I am going to try to keep it alive by way of these monthly blog posts. I may also do something like Megan's vision board to keep a reminder of my word in a prominent place. We'll see! For now, here are some updates to February's goals:

1. Stick to a budget
Check! I didn't actually make my (handwritten) budget "spreadsheets" until this past weekend, but I did manage to stick to them, anyway! I'm gonna be honest: I am pretty cheap, you guys. So it's easy for me to stick to a budget without actually recording everything religiously, because I tend to just spend the least amount of money as possible, anyway.

Now, I did spend right every bit of "fun" money I had budgeted for this month, but that's because I had two birthday gifts to buy in addition to a ticket to a music festival held here in Denton (more on that one soon!). So I already know that next month will be better (though I am happy with how I did this month, all things considered). And "make budget spreadsheets for March" is on this weekend's page long to-do list, so I hope to keep this one a goal throughout the rest of the year. Budgeting (somewhat obsessively, really) helps a lot with my stress levels. I highly recommend it, no matter how much money you have or how simple your "system" is.

2. Break a bad habit
Check! Well, semi-check. I didn't actually break the bad habit I was hoping to break, which is idly twisting my hair into knots. But I did make progress on it. I got a hair cut, which cleaned up some of the broken ends I had as a result of my habit, and I bought an egg of Silly Putty to play with during class (or any other time) to keep my hands occupied. I still find myself playing with my hair at least once a day, but I also believe that I have been doing it less overall.

However, I did break a bad habit that I didn't really notice until this month--using too much toilet paper. I mean way too much. And I apologize if this is a little TMI for some of you, but it's true! Once I was aware of it, though, it was easy to count squares and limit myself to the appropriate amount. As a college student who hates how expensive things like toilet paper are, I'm really happy with myself for making it last a bit longer.

3. Complete a creative project
Check! It wasn't the project I had in mind (I still have three mini-albums in progress, as well as a mini-art journal), but I did complete all of the Valentine's Day cards that I planned on having done a week before the holiday! By the way, I made these to sell to my dorm-mates, but I have a bunch left. They are not Valentine's Day specific, so I have been considering selling them for just a couple dollars each online. Let me know if you are interested!

All in all, I think I did pretty great this month! I'll be back tomorrow with March's goals!



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