A Year of Peace: February

Yesterday I posted some journaling I did about my goals from January and what I accomplished, and today I want to share the goals I have for February! Remember, these are somewhat specific actions that fit into the more broad categories I came up with when I chose "peace" as my word for 2013: peace in my body and mind; peace in my home; peace in my finances; peace in my creativity; peace in my schoolwork; and peace in my relationships. Here are February's three goals:
  • stick to a budget (peace in my finances)
  • break a bad habit (peace in my body and mind)
  • complete a creative project (peace in my creativity)

Wish me luck! I'll be back at the end of the month with a progress update!



Sue Althouse said...

Great goals, they seem totally obtainable in one month - best wishes on accomplishing them all!

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