Scrapbook Layout: "Favorite Women"

I completed another layout in my continuing attempt to use up my Sketchbook collection pad!

I'm trying to practice my layering technique and get better at it, without having to scrap-lift. This page is my own design, and I think I'm slowly getting better at layering in a way that appeals to me. I'm trying to take cues from scrappers like MercyTiara, Janna Werner and KraftyBuns on YouTube. I like how my style seems to be developing as I complete more layouts. This one is my tenth finished traditional scrapbook page!

You might have noticed that there is no journaling on this page! There isn't much of a story to go with this photo, it's just one that I like of my mom and my sister and myself, but I did want to note the date/occasion on which it was taken. I struggled a bit with where to put it, and finally decided to just stick a bit of paper on the back of the layout and write the details there. Here's an Instagram photo I took of the little spot:

I'm trying to put myself in the habit of stamping the date I completed the layout on the back of each one, as well. I don't scrapbook chronologically, and I don't put my layouts in chronological order, either. I will probably rearrange them into order when I have more, but for now, it's not a priority. I just love to slip them into the next open page protector and move on to a new one!

Another one in the books!



Katie Smith said...

I love the layering on this layout- you're definitely getting good at it! I like the doilies too.

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