30 Days of Lists: Lists 10-17

The month is more than half over, and I can't get enough of 30 Days of Lists! Here are 8 more of my lists! (If you missed them, check out lists 1-3 and 4-9.)

List #10: I'm Craving; List #11: Things I Do Every Morning

Supplies: my kit

List #12: Things I Do Every Night; List #13: My Causes

Supplies: my kit, arrow stamp from the Studio Calico So Cal kit (which is sadly no longer available)

List #14: My Role Models; List #15: Ways I Save

Supplies: my kit

List #16: This Month's Soundtrack; List #17: My biography would include tales of...

Supplies: my kit, radio stamp from American Crafts

I am still in love with this project. I fell behind a bit during Spring Break but it was pretty easy to get caught up again! I can't wait for the rest of the prompts. Every day is interesting and a lot of fun. This is definitely something I'm going to do whenever they offer it again in the future!


30 Days of Lists is a month long challenge hosted by Kam of Campfire Chic and Amy of Lemon and Raspberry in which participants make a simple list each day to capture a snapshot of their current lives. You can visit the 30 Days of Lists About page for more information. All of my posts about this project can be found under my 30 Days of Lists tag.


Jeanna Cata said...

Love the simplicity of your List journal! Does it help that you gathered all materials ahead of time?
Thanks for sharing!

Emily Dismukes said...

Thank you! It definitely helps that I had all my papers and stamps together ahead of time!

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