Project Life Catch Up: August 19-25, 2012

Still in catch up mode!

Week of: August 19-25, 2012

Supplies: Recollections patterned paper, cardstock, stamps from Studio G, Studio Calico, and 7Gypsies

What happened this week? I received my scholarship refund (I am on a full-ride scholarship to my university) and got ready to move back to school for the fall semester. I also spent a lot of time with my grandmother again this week, and she taught me how to make gumbo. And I bought a new pair of jeans! I didn't get a photo, so I included part of the tag that I liked the design of.

How do I feel about this layout? I'm pretty happy with this layout. It has a lot of green, which I like because green and white are my university's colors, but I also feel like I might have done a better job with balancing the green against the other colors. But I am very glad that I've got one more week in the books!

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Megan Anderson said...

Love the step-by-step gumbo photos.

Lisa said...

I like that you included the tag from your jeans. Found objects make such an interesting addition to pages.

Emily Dismukes said...

Thanks! I totally agree. As soon as I saw that tag, I immediately stashed it away for PL.

Emily Dismukes said...

I will freely admit it, I totally took those for the express purpose of putting them all together on a PL page. I'm glad you like!

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