Scrapbook Layout: Twinkle

I completed this layout a couple of weeks ago but, through a series of unfortunate events, I was not very pleased with it when I finished, so I just stuck it in my album and decided not to look at it for awhile. Thankfully, it grew on me (once I was over the frustration that surrounded its creation) and I decided to share it here after all.

And the little tab pulls out to reveal...

The photos for this layout can be find in my post titled Bokeh and Christmas Lights. Even months later, I still love looking at these photos!

You might have noticed that there's no journaling on this page. To be honest, I've been doing that a lot lately; sometimes I just don't feel a particular photo calls for a written story. This layout, however, does actually have a bit of journaling on the back about where the photos were taken and why I was there with friends. If you ever can't find a place to write the details, try putting it on the back of the layout! That way it's there for future viewings, but you don't have to mess up the design of the page.

I have a bunch of new layouts that I've completely lately, but I can't share any of them quite yet. They're for something special I'm working on with Katie! So stay tuned for more about that.



laurab said...

Lovely layouts. I made a mistake not journaling when I made layouts thinking I'd go back eventually and in some cases eventually has been 5+ years and I can't remember why I did the layout. Do yourself a favor and jot some notes in the back if you aren't ready for the journal design on the front

Emily Dismukes said...

Thank you! I totally understand what you're saying! I'm really glad to come into this hobby on the heels of so many experienced people--the advice I've been given about stuff like this has been so helpful. There is journaling on the back of this layout! And I know I'll be very grateful for it in the future.

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