At Paper Lovers Studio: Kill a Kit Challenge #1!

Remember these two layouts from a week ago?

Well, they are just a few of the pages I created from a kit I built from my stash as part of Kill a Kit Challenge #1 over at Paper Lovers Studio, which starts today!

This challenge works a bit different from the rest of them. You'll have a month to create your kit and work on "killing" it, which just means using up as much of the contents as you can. And then next month, Katie and I will share the projects we use our kits for, as well our favorites of the kits and projects that you make, and then we will show you all the kits we plan on using for the next month.

I have loved working with my kit so far. It's a totally different approach to scrapbooking than I normally take, but I feel like it is helping me scrapbook quicker while still developing my style and making pages that I love.

Please go over and check out April's kits!



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