Scrapbook Layout: A New Home

Here's a sort of blast-from-the-past layout! The photo of me here is a photo that my mom took of me on the bed in my first dorm room here at school, almost two years ago now.

The journaling on this one is more about my feelings of moving out of my family home and into a dorm and finding new friends there than about the actual event of moving in. I don't always want to record a memory of a specific event, but rather some general feelings that can be represented by the photo I chose. I like scrapbooking this way, where it's sometimes more like a journal in addition to a book of life events.

I finally forced myself to break into the sheet of pretty grey Jillibean Soup "Alphabean" stickers I have! They're so cute and such a great size. And I think I'm slowly getting better at the whole layering technique. I'm so happy with how my style has been developing. Scrapbooking is one of my favorite hobbies.



Katie Smith said...

LOVE the layering. :)

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