Scrapbook Layout: Oh So Sweet

I've got another very simple layout to share today, about one of my absolute favorite foods: beignets!

I'm not usually a huge fan of orange, but I love how the patterned papers I used brought out the golden-orange of the fried beignet. The paper with the dots of text is one of my favorite papers right now, actually. I hope I'll get a chance to use it on some more projects - I don't have a lot of photos that I think will work with it, but we'll see! I can always make cards or something.

I didn't do a lot of journaling on this one. This photo doesn't have a super-specific story (though I did write a bit of actual context - location, occasion, etc - on the back of the layout) so I just wrote a bit about my love for beignets in general.

I wasn't sure I like this layout very much when I first finished it, but I've found that I tend to like layouts I'm not sure about a lot more once I'm a day or two removed from working on it. Plus, everything looks better in the album, somehow.


PS. If you're wondering when the rest of my 30 Days of Lists pages are coming, don't worry! It'll be soon. I'm leaving today to spend the weekend at home, and I'm taking along my 30 Days of Lists kit to, I hope, get some pages done while I'm there. I have 8 pages left to do; the lists are all written, but I just need to get the pages done and in the book!


Jennifer Grace said...

This layout looks really great, I love the black chevrons! x

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