Star Trek Week Blog Hop: DIY T-Shirt + Free Download!

Welcome to this stop on the Star Trek Week Blog Hop! If you're following along, hello! And if this is the first you've seen of the hop, there's a list of the other blogs at the end of this post so you can hop on!

I was so excited when Katie asked me to participate in this blog hop celebration of the release of Star Trek Into Darkness (which I saw on Thursday night and was extremely impressed with). I have been a huge Star Trek fan since the first reboot came out in 2009, not to mention I'm always down for a good geeky craft project.

Since we were hitting the midnight release of the movie and I like to be dressed up for those, I figured I'd take photos of my t-shirt making process and share a short tutorial for this blog hop!

The first thing in my process was to create a design for the shirt. I knew I wanted to make a joke about lens flares (JJ Abrams' apparent addiction), so I worked a little Photoshop magic to come up with this, which you can download to use on your own shirt, if you'd like:


Once you've downloaded (or designed) and printed off your stencil, gather up your materials. You'll need a t-shirt to alter (mine is just a plain black one from Michaels), a craft knife and cutting mat, some paint brushes you don't mind ruining (I was able to wash the fabric paint out of mine, but I didn't want to risk it with my good brushes) and fabric paint (I highly recommend Tulip Soft Fabric Paint, which I've used on a number of projects and love). You'll also want to grab a roll of regular clear tape.

Set your shirt and paint aside for now and cut out the letters or design of your stencil. You don't have to be perfectly exact because you'll always be able to touch up any areas that need it once you pull off the stencil.

When you're done cutting out your design, position it on your shirt and tape it down. (Before I did this, I slid my cutting mat inside the shirt to keep it rigid and prevent the paint from soaking through to the back.)

Then just paint in the cut out areas carefully until you finish the design! I worked on mine assuming that the stencil was just a guide and that I would have to touch up a lot of places once I pulled it off. It worked better than I expected, so I only had a few places to touch up at the end, but the point is that you shouldn't stress out over getting it perfect right off the bat. Just be careful and remember that you can always add paint, but you can't really take any away!

When you're done painting, wait a bit for it to mostly dry and then slowly pull off the stencil. Touch up any areas that need it, and then follow the instructions on your paint to let it dry and set.

I think my shirt came out amazingly, if I do say so myself! It might be my favorite of all the shirts I've ever made. I don't usually wear my midnight-release shirts again, but I have a feeling I'll be making an exception for this one.

I hope you liked my tutorial and my free download as much as I liked doing this project. Be sure to check out the rest of the blogs participating in the blog hop for even more creative Star Trek inspiration, and go see Star Trek Into Darkness in theaters before the spoilers catch up to you!

Katie: www.punkprojects.com
Emily: http://emilymayhem.blogspot.com/ (You are here!)
Mandy: http://www.chocolateandcreamcake.com/
Regena: http://thedistracteddomestic.blogspot.com/
Melissa: http://www.scrappyjedi.com/
Taylor: http://thismemorablelife.blogspot.com/
Kam: www.campfirechic.com
Megan: http://thenerdnest.com/

Live long and prosper!


Katie Smith said...

I really really love your shirt emily!! It's genius!

RRRegena f said...

great shirt! I must not be geeky enough to get it. lol

Megan Anderson said...

Perfect! I love the speckled look of the letters, too.

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