Find Your Voice and Summer of Love

This summer, in addition to running scrapbooking challenges over at Paper Lovers Studio, I'll be stretching my creative abilities by participating in two online classes. The first is a FREE storytelling workshop run by Kristin Tweedale called Find Your Voice, and the second is a paid (and very much worth it) art journaling/photography class by Kara Haupt called Summer of Love.

image by Kristin Tweedale

Find Your Voice is an 8 week, totally free workshop that starts this Monday, July 24th. It's focused on helping every participant find and embrace her unique storytelling voice. You can participate however you feel comfortable - through photography, prose, social media, or paper-crafting, etc.

I am honored to have been chosen as a contributor to this workshop, so I'll be sharing my work here each week as well as on Kristin's blog and in the downloadable PDFs. You'll also be seeing my Find Your Voice projects on my Twitter and Instagram feeds. The workshop's official hashtag is #findyourvoice.

The workshop itself will be available on Kristin's blog. You can check out the FAQ ahead of time. Also be sure to join the Find Your Voice Facebook group. There's already a lot of fun interaction going on there!

image by Kara Haupt

Summer of Love is an amazing art journal class that begins on July 1st. I know this because I bought and took Summer of Love the very first time that Kara ran it, years ago. The version you can purchase right now and follow along with starting on the 1st is an updated version that is no doubt even more wonderful. You can purchase it here, on Classes Kara Made for just $22.

This class contains 30 journaling prompts as well as 18 photography prompts and techniques intended to help you document your summer memories and feelings. I absolutely loved this class when I first took it, even though I didn't finish nearly all of the prompts. I'm hoping to complete more of the class this time around. I'm also really excited to try out more of the photography prompts! A couple of the ones I remember wanting to do last time will definitely work better now that I have a DSLR.

Basically, I'm really excited about this summer and I can't wait to start working on all of the awesome projects that are about to come my way.



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