Find Your Voice Update #1

As I told you last week, I'm participating in and contributing to Find Your Voice, a free storytelling workshop run by Kristin Tweedale. On Mondays and/or Wednesdays, I'll be sharing some of my FYV project here, as well as sneak peeks at and links to my contributions to the workshop.

Unfortunately, today I don't have much to share re: Week 1. I had an amazingly busy week and I was barely able to finish all my obligations (I have two jobs this summer, plus contributions to Find Your Voice and Paper Lovers Studio, plus this blog!), much less do anything fun. I did complete Lesson One's worksheets, and I'm loving where this workshop is taking me already.

The other thing that kept me from working on the prompts for Lesson One is that I couldn't find the binder I was planning to use. I finally found it on Saturday, once it was too late for me to actually do what I wanted to do with it in time for this post.

The point is, I should have more of an update on my Find Your Voice album and projects next week! And in the meantime, here's a peek at one of my contributions to Lesson Two (which I loved even more than Lesson One):

You can download the PDF of Lesson Two here and see what's on the other side of all of that journaling, and why that story is so important to me.


MargaretAnn DeVore said...

Beautiful story, Emily! Personally, I think you'd make an adorable Belle. (And I can say that because I live two hours from The Magic Kingdom and have been there a hundred times.) But you have bigger dreams than that.. and Disney will just have to get by without you!

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