Find Your Voice Update #5

In this FYV update, I'm sharing a project I've decided to start inspired by Lesson Four and something that one of the FYV contributors, Megan Anderson blogged about awhile back.

Megan's idea to re-read some of her favorite books and think about what she likes about them and how those things can help her own writing is something I've been wanting to try out for awhile. But after filling out the worksheets for Lesson Four of Find Your Voice, which dealt with the same ideas as Megan's project does, I was newly inspired to do it.

I went into the Wunderlist app on my iPhone and set about making two lists: one of my favorite books and one of my favorite movies. As you can see, there's some overlap! Thanks to Find Your Voice, I've been thinking a lot lately about storytelling in many forms, and I think it will be both fun and helpful to read some of my favorite books and watch some of my favorite movies again and really focus on what it is about the way those stories are told that draws me into them and appeals to me. By the way, these are both lists in progress! It is so hard for me to remember my "favorites" off the top of my head, so I know that I'll think of many more later.

I haven't been doing many of the prompted projects so far, but I'm finding that even just filling about the worksheets each week has helped me so much in my journey to be a better storyteller. So if you're participating in Find Your Voice and are short on time or feel you're "behind", I'd recommend scaling back to just reading the PDFs and filling out the worksheets! I'm filing mine carefully in the album that I shared a couple weeks ago so that I can easily go back and reference them when I finally have time to work on some of the prompts.

And now I'm off to download Lesson Six and get started on those worksheets!

This summer, I'm participating in and contributing to a free, 8-week storytelling workshop called Find Your Voice being run by Kristin Tweedale of rukristin papercrafts. On Mondays and/or Wednesdays, I'll be sharing some of my FYV project here, as well as sneak peeks at and links to my contributions to the workshop. You can see all of my FYV posts here.


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