Find Your Voice Update #7

Okay, okay, I don't actually have an update for you today. Last week was extremely busy for me - I was home from the 1st through the 4th, and then when I got back I had two full days of work, a *really* full day of moving, and then one more day of work to get through...and then I just wanted to spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday relaxing for once! So I didn't get any work done for Find Your Voice. But I wanted to make this post anyway, just to remind you that Lesson 8 will be up on the FYV website today! Go check it out!

This summer, I'm participating in and contributing to a free, 8-week storytelling workshop called Find Your Voice being run by Kristin Tweedale of rukristin papercrafts. On Mondays and/or Wednesdays, I'll be sharing some of my FYV project here, as well as sneak peeks at and links to my contributions to the workshop. You can see all of my FYV posts here.


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