Wunderlist, you are my fave.

I have now been using Wunderlist for about 4 months. Wunderlist is basically a to-do list app. I had just started using it to keep track of homework and other class assignments when I saw Kara Haupt's post about her favorite productivity and business-related apps and programs in which she showed a bit of how she uses Wunderlist. I immediately started making new lists and rearranging things using her set up as a guide, and it has worked wonderfully for me. I wanted to share a bit of how I use this program and maybe inspire a few people to try it out (I've already got two of my best friends hooked).

I mostly use the iPhone app. It's so easy to use, and the non-pro version is free and packed with features. As you can see above, one big thing I use Wunderlist for is to keep track of which blog posts I need to finished writing and schedule! Blog posts are some of the only things that get due dates, besides homework assignments and the like. Most things just bounce around on the different days of the week lists.

Above is a better view of my Wunderlist set up, thanks to the browser version. Wunderlist syncs between the smartphone app, the desktop app for Macs, and the browser app. (I have a Mac, but I have to use the browser app instead of the desktop one because my OS isn't updated right now.) The syncing works decently well - it's not perfect, but it's generally reliable.

You can see my permanent days of the week lists in the sidebar there. Mostly, tasks just bounce around in those. If it gets done, I check it off (which is super satisfying) and if it doesn't, I'll move it to the next day (or delete it, sometimes). You can also see in this screenshot that you can add due dates, reminders, notes and sub-tasks to each task, or attach files. I don't use those features much, but they can be handy.

Of course, not everything I list is a task to be done that week. Like I mentioned earlier, my upcoming blog posts get added to a list and given a due date once they're officially on the calendar. I also have many, many lists for ideas and shopping lists of various sorts, and lists of books to read and movies to watch, like you see above. (I talked about those in this post.) Wunderlist is amazingly versatile and I've found ways to utilize it in many areas of my life beyond the realm of "what needs to get done today".

You Are My Fave is a new series I'm doing with posts focusing on things that are my favorite. I want to share these things so that you can try them out, too. I'm not posting these on any sort of schedule, but I love the idea, so look out for more of them in the future!


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