30 Days of Lists: Update 2

As I said in my first 30 Lists update, I've been behind since the beginning. I'm not too bothered by it - I've been writing the lists in my phone as I go, even though I haven't been making them into cards - but I am happy to report that the first 7 lists are in my album!

The last spot in this page protector will hold a self-portrait I took during the first week of September. I plan to take a similar photo during the last week (which is this week! Where did the month go?) and I'll add them both when I have them printed.

I hope to continue to catch up bit by bit during this week and have more to show you next Monday. I absolutely love this project and I would especially love to follow up the success of the last round with another finished book (or pages, in this case).

30 Days of Lists is a month long challenge hosted by Kam of Campfire Chic and Amy of Lemon and Raspberry in which participants make a simple list each day to capture a snapshot of their current lives. You can visit the 30 Days of Lists About page for more information. All of my posts about this project can be found under my 30 Days of Lists tag.


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