Scrapbook Layout: Muse 2nd Law

I haven't shared a scrapbook page in awhile! I've been very busy since school started at the beginning of the month, but here's one I did over the summer...

Layout: Muse 2nd Law

Memory: This layout is about the second Muse concert I saw with Ryan, last March. We are huge Muse fans and we were both really excited to see them again, this time on the tour for their newest album, 2nd Law. And they totally delivered! This show was even better than the one we saw on their Resistance tour. We had seats this time, instead of being in the pit, but Ryan specifically bought seats in the last row of the stadium so that we could dance with wild abandon and not disturb anyone. We danced the whole time. It was so much fun.

Details: The technique I used on the block behind the photo was lifted and adapted from this awesome layout by Katie. I thought it went perfectly with the photo of the lights on the stage at the show and I love how it turned out (though it was a lot of work!).

Thoughts: This was a super fun layout to work on, and even though it took a lot of time, I think it was totally worth it. I might be using the technique on the photo block again sometime, maybe in a different way, like on a journaling card of some sort, or as a full background.

Scrapbooking "traditional" 8.5x11 layouts is my main method of memory keeping. You can take a look at all of my layouts in my scrapbook tag and check out other ways I record memories in my general memory keeping tag. If you want to know more about the people, blogs, and companies I've worked with, please see my paper-crafting resume.


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